About Us

Kappad comes from Sanskrit origin meaning “cloth or fiber”.

We are a clothing line designed for modern women with a passion for all things in nature.

We use sustainable, organic & cruelty-free fabrics, all of which are naturally grown & locally sourced GOTS certified organic cotton. The dyes used are also natural dyes made from spices, herbs & flowers. Our garments are exclusively handcrafted purely in our workshop.

You see we believe that one doesn’t have to give up on style & fashion to be sustainable and ethical. Hence, we are working on being fair trade, where we wish to have a completely transparent supply chain from seed to garment. We yearn to serve serenity between fashion, human welfare & social responsibility.

You can collaborate with us by carrying our clothing line or you can help us expand our reach by connecting us with like-minded brands and retailers. We are grateful for having to share our work with you and appreciate your interest in us.